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Hans Adolf Ehrnrooth, Turku
Partner, French security  policy, Crisis management, Peacekeeping
LtCol (GS, Army, ret)
  • Hans Adolf, “Andy” has more than 30 years of career in the Finnish Defense Forces. In different locations from Turku in the southwest to Sodankylä in the highest north of Lapland.  He has worked as defence attaché in embassies in both Brussels and Paris, as Commander of Finlands Crisis Management Force in EU military crisis management operation in Chad, as a UN military observer in Lebanon and Kosovo. He also served as Finnish liaison officer in US Central Command in Tampa.
  • Andys encounters in different cultures has given him a unique understanding in African, European, American as well as in the Nordic, Francophone and Anglo-Saxon cultures and ways of doing things. This has been possible due to his diverse language skills, that includes languages spoken in his home like Swedish, Danish and German as well as French and English that has been his working languages for almost 10 years.  His rich language skills help to better understand other cultures.




Matias Saloniemi, Espoo
MSc. Economy,
  • Matias is experienced Chief Financial Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the retail business and heavy industrial business. Skilled in Business Process, Business Planning, International Business, Outsourcing, and CFOs. Strong Finance professional for turn around old business to profitable and effective processes and a sustainable business.



Stephan Gröndahl, Sipoo
Partner, Senior Adviser, International Business Development
MSc. International Marketing, Swedish School of Economics in Helsinki

  • Stephan is a business professional with wide experience in international marketing, sales, business development, and account- and project management. He has worked as consultant and advisor in international investment projects, technology transfer and project finance, for numerous companies. As offset director and business development manager at Patria Land Systems Stephan gained an unique insight in business within security sector and with governmental customers. As country manager for Finland at Nordic Project Fund (NOPEF) he was engaged in funding of enterprises entering difficult markets.

  • With his experience as product manager at Datex Instrumentarium (later part of General Electric Healthcare), anaesthesia and intensive care systems Stephan also has an understanding of the needs and circumstances related to companies who delivers solutions and products for special markets.


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