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Strategic Analyses

Strategic analyses, estimates and forecasts for governmental operators, enterprises and organizations. We also provide support for business development within our geographic and thematic areas of special know-how.


Enterprises support in starting and developing businesses in crisis areas and developing countries, as well as with international organisations and local governments and stakeholders. For governmental actors and international organisations we offer support in finding and better exploiting innovative solutions, products and services offered by especially small and middle size enterprises (SME).


ResCamp Modules

We develop the "Rescue Camp Modules -concept". With this concept we offer comprehensive systems solutions of products and services for faster and more efficient response in disaster relief, refugee flow handling, immigration control and crisis management operations.

We focus on geographical areas that need to recover from crisis, developing countries and other areas particularly challenging for business. These are areas with need of stabilisation which can be fostered also by creating innovative business and job opportunities through education, training and other conditions for growth that businesses can provide.

Our Expertise

Our partners and experts´ special areas of expertise include issues related to strategic decision-making, security and defence, as well as crisis management and the operation of international organizations. These include organizations such as the UN, EU, AU, NATO, OSCE, IRC, etc. Also, the reconstruction and organization of development aid are included in expertise areas of our experts.
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