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Our Team


Gustav Öller, Raasepori
Partner, Chief  Project Officer, Business Development, Chairman of the Board
Captain GS, Finnish navy, ret), M.Sc. National Defence Strategy, National Defence University, Washington DC
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  • In manager position at the, so far biggest EU military crisis management operation, EUFOR Tchad/RCA and as responsible for EU Military Staff Intelligence Production Gustav worked in support of the EU High Representative for External Relations, Permanent and Security Committee and Military Committee decision making on strategic level, mainly concerning crisis management issues.
  • Gustav confronted areas of operational planning for the set-up, reorganization and closure of field operations, analysis related to early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management, conflict resolution and post-conflict rehabilitation, lessons learned and best practices as well as operational liaison with other international organizations like United Nations, NATO, OSCE, African Union and the Arab League. When defining needs and setting requirements for intelligence and the organization of information acquisition for operations and missions Gustav worked in co-operation with the EU Satellite Center, the European Defence Agency and the European Commission's Research Institute (JRC) to develop satellite, unmanned airborne and open source intelligence.
  • Gustav has an extraordinary experience of working in a truly multinational context. He is well acquainted with crisis areas, their background and current situation and has a professional experience at a senior management and policy-making level within international organizations and national administration for two decades.
Erkki Pekonen, Espoo
Partner, Member of the Board, Chief Marketing Officer, CMO
LtCol (GS, Finnish army, ret), Post Graduate Studies, Department of War Studies, King's College, London.
  • Erkki, currently working as an independent consultant is a very social person with a very good capability to create and maintain human networks and connections. His very versatile background of assignments in international environments as assessment officer and military mission officer in UN Secretariat (New York), defence attaché in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as senior lecturer in strategy at the Swedish Defence University (Stockholm) gives him an excellent experience and knowledge to build upon. In addition to New York, Baltic States and Sweden Erkki has also lived in London where he conducted post graduate studies at Kings College and in Bukarest.

  • This international experience is well supported by his experiences as Deputy Director Centre of Excellence of the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) Education and Training, Senior Lecturer at Department of Military Strategy, Finnish National Defence University and Chief of Operations, Intelligence, Planning, Regional Defence Command, Southern Finland.


Tapio Koskimies, Helsinki
Partner, Board Member, Chief Analysis Officer, CAO
PhD, Political History,  University of Helsinki
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  • Tapio has a strong professional background in strategic analysis due to his service in several positions within the Finnish Military Intelligence Service for almost three decades.

  • Tapios work as research officer at Finnish Defence Forces Institute of Military Sciences and finally as Director of Research at Finnish military Intelligence has given him a thorough understanding and extraordinary skills in strategic analysis and assessments as well as in the need and value of a systematic method of operation.
  • Tapio is continuously asked to offer strategic consulting services as an entrepreneur at to several institutions and governmental organisations. 




Kaija Vanonen, Helsinki
Partner, EU Foreign & Security Policy, Crisis Management
MSc. Economy
Harry Ollinen, Karlholmsbruk, Sweden
​Partner, Senior Associate, Defence materiel procurement issues, Nordic cooperation
LtCol (GS, army ret),
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Stephan Gröndahl, Sipoo
Partner, Senior Adviser, International Business Development
MSc. International Marketing, Swedish School of Economics in Helsinki
Harry [3911].jpg
  • Harry runs a Consulting Company: Harry Ollinen Consulting AB, which focuses mainly on the Defence equipment market.

  • Harry has a professional background in Swedish Defence Forces (Defence Attache of Sweden in Finland and Estonia, 17 years of succesful military career. The rank LTCOL) and European Defence Industry (Hägglunds Vehicle AB, Patria Hägglunds, Patria Helicopters AB, Patria, BAE Systems Hägglunds, BAE Systems, Milrem Robotics). Harry has extensive experience in defence procurement. His experience includes international procurement, interpretation of specifications and legal expertise, all augmented through a large network of contacts.


  • People who have worked with Harry say that he has a very human personality. He also has a rare ability to think outside the box. Combined with a somewhat pragmatic ways of solving abstract problems and his excellent skills in keeping multicultural teams together, this means that Harry has a unique ability to close a deal in a way that satisfies all parties.


  • Stephan is a business professional with wide experience in international marketing, sales, business development, and account- and project management. He has worked as consultant and advisor in international investment projects, technology transfer and project finance, for numerous companies. As offset director and business development manager at Patria Land Systems Stephan gained an unique insight in business within security sector and with governmental customers. As country manager for Finland at Nordic Project Fund (NOPEF) he was engaged in funding of enterprises entering difficult markets.

  • With his experience as product manager at Datex Instrumentarium (later part of General Electric Healthcare), anaesthesia and intensive care systems Stephan also has an understanding of the needs and circumstances related to companies who delivers solutions and products for special markets.


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Senior Associates

Eero Kilpi, New York
Senior Associate
PhD Business Administration,Marketing,
Aalto University, School of Business, Hki
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Hans de Brouwer, Brussels
​Senior Associate, Defence materiel procurement issues, NATO
Cdr (GS, navy ret),
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Pasi Pasivirta,
​Senior Associate, Army issues, International  Defence Capability development and procurement
Colonel (GS, army ret),
Jarmo  Pennala, Ilmajoki, Turku
​Senior Associate, Naval issues, EU Crisis Management, NATO
Captain (GS, navy ret),
Pekka Varjonen, Helsinki
​Senior Associate, 
Captain (GS, Navy, ret)


Sakari Ahvenainen
Advisor, Hybrid & Post Modern Warfare PhD Candidate, Finnish National Defence University
LtCol (GS, army, ret)
Heikki Lehtimäki
Advisor, Energy related strategic issues

MPolScience (Economics)
University of Helsinki, Finland

Kai Vainio
Advisor, Security Policy & International Miltary Cooperation

Col (GS, Air Force, ret)

Tom Asplund
Senior Advisor, Peacekeeping, Crisis Management, Logistics
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