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We follow the laws of the countries where we do business.


We personally set the example for each other.

We disclose promptly any conflicts of interests that might influence our business judgment, and avoid any appearance of impropriety in our dealings with others.


We are partners in promoting a culture of integrity through mutual respect, trust in each other and high standards of ethics.


We respect privacy.


We collect, use, hold and otherwise process personal, company and customer data responsibly, lawfully and carefully.


When interacting with governments, agencies, organizations and officials, we follow high ethical standards and act in a transparent manner.


We are honest, truthful, and accurate when dealing with governments, agencies, organizations and officials.


We respect the valid intellectual property and confidential information of others.


We comply with all applicable trade compliance laws and regulations that affect our operations.


We earn the respect of each other, our contractors, partners, customers and members of the public by providing a safe, healthy and fair working environment.


Comprendum provides products and services that expand opportunities to communicate and contribute directly to the exercise of such fundamental rights as free expression and political participation.


Comprendum is committed to the principles of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations’ Global Compact, and we expect our suppliers and business partners to share these values.

We hold each other accountable to this code, and if we become aware of potential violations, we promptly report them.

15 March 2018

Code of Conduct

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