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Deployable Secondary Care Unit

For deployment in the immediate aftermath of a humanitarian emergency. Delivering high quality, basic emergency secondary health services in situations of acute need.

50 beds for patients and 3 months of self sustained operation.

​Basic needs support for 150 persons.

Functions that may be included in a tailored turnkey solution

  • Triage and Surgical unit

  • Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy elements

  • Sterilization & Infection Prevention unit

  • Intensive Care unit (4-6 patients) & Ward (44-46 patients)

  • Special Evacuation Vehicle (4 patients)

  • Light Quick House containers, floored hangars or tents

  • Environment control, air-conditioning & heating

  • Hybrid power stations and power distribution

  • Water production, storage and distribution system

  • Sanitation facilities (toilets & showers) for 150 persons

  • Wastewater cleaning system

  • Waste management and recycling solution

  • Housing for 100 persons & Catering unit for 150 persons

  • Logistic Shelter unit including terrain forklift

  • Site ICT & Security Smartpak

  • Training, Readiness Storage, Deployment, Life Cycle Support

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