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March 2022

Comprendum  signed and agreement with Finnish Prime Minissters Office, VNK to provide an extensive research on the effects of Finnish participation in Military and Civilian Crisis Management in Afghanistan 2000 - 2021. Comprendum is in the lead of the consortium together with CMC Finland, National Defence University, Security Analysis Oy, Vaikuttava Yritys Oy and Laurea University of Applied Sciences

AKV22-23 konsortio.png

November 2021

Comprendum  delivered an extensive report: "Geopolitical and Military Strategic development of the Artcic 2025 -2040"  to the Finnish Defence  Research Agency. The report is at the same time an update on the report: "The change of the military strategic security environment of the northern region for the 2040s" delivered by Comprendum in 2017  


May 2020

Comprendum Oy signed an agreement with Finnish Cadet and Officers Corps Association for updating and renewal of their Security Policy Database. 

10 Jun 2020

Future Path project closing webinar. Comprendum Oy had an instrumental role in this project as representative of SME:s interested in enhancing their international commitment and  footprint in Iraq and the Levant region. See the website for product of the project.


August 2021

Comprendum  delivered the new Finnish Security Policy Databank, TUERVALLISUUSPOLITTIKAN TIETOPANKKI to Finnish Cadet and Officers Corps Association. The databank is available both in Finnish and Swedish here: 

19 Apr - 07 May 2021

Comprendum participated for the third time in the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week co-hosted by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

This year the even was arranged as a virtual event. The largest event of its kind: the 7th edition of the HNPW gathered experts and humanitarian professionals from more than 40 participating networks and partnerships. One of these 40 was the Finnish delegation in which Comprendum has beeb an active member since 2019.


24-25 Feb2021

Comprendum and partners Finnish Water Forum, IntLog and Solarwater Solutions met several organistations working with Disaster Relief and Recovery at ADR 2021 in a very interesting virtual event.


2 Feb 2021

Comprendum Oy delivered the 1st RCM Camp Water Supply system to Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (Myndigheten för Samhällsskydd och Beredskap, MSB)

The system left from the Solarwater Solutions factory in Espoo 29 January to be delivered at MSB in Sweden, Kristinehamn by 2nd February 2021.

The system is designed for 200 persons Base Camps according to MSB concept of camp support systems. The complete system, deployable ready installed in one 8  foot container, supplies the camp with 200L/h drinking water and 400L/h hygiene water. The system is designed, built and provided together with our Finnish partner companies; Solarwater Solutions and IC2Feeniks.

​MSB has an agreement with European Union to act as the strategic warehouse for EU crisis management operations and will provide EU with the capacity to launch a new mission of up to of 200 persons within 30 days with all the necessary equipment.

25-26 Jan 2021

Comprendum Oy participated in the UN Nordic Procurement seminar. In a team with our partner companies, IntLog Oy and Meripalo Oy  we had the opportunity for 1-to-1 meetings with UN representatives for UNOPS, UNRWA, IOM, UNIDO and UNFPA. The seminar was a first ever UN virtual seminar including also a virtual exhibition booth.

12 Jan 2021

Comprendum Oy trailer-presentation mini-webinar on Finnish Cadet and Officers Corps Association Security Policy Database. Comprendum has during 2020 renewed the database that will be published by summer 2021. The database is available currently only in finnish but it is planned to be published now also in swedish. It forms an important source of information for the annual high school security policy quiz in Finland. 

22 Dec 2020

Comprendum Oy presented the proposed Finnish contributions of Camp Wastewater Treatment and WASH Box pilots to UN peacekeeping operations for UN Global Service Center and African mission representatives. 


Dec 2020

Ovzon Ab and Comprendum Oy has agreed that Comprendum represents Ovzon satellite communication services in Finland and towards international organisations. Swedish OVZON Ab provides the fastest available,  both uplink and downlink, Satellite Communication service on the market. It includes also the world smallest, lightest weight, easiest to use true broadband terminals both for use on the move or stationary.

12 Feb 2020

Comprendum Oy has signed a framework agreement for 2020-2024 with Swedish Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) for provision of Water Supply systems for 200 persons Base Camps. The complete system, deployable ready installed in one 8 foot container, supplies the camp with 200L/h drinking water and 400L/h hygiene water. The system is designed, built and provided together with Finnish companies; Solarwater Solutions and IC2Feeniks.

MSB has an agreement with European Union to act as the strategic warehouse for EU crisis management operations and will provide EU with the capacity to launch a new mission of up to of 200 persons within 30 days with all the necessary equipment.


6 Feb 2020

Comprendum Oy participated in the Finnish team at Humanitarian  Networks & Partnerships Week 2020 in Geneva 3-6 February 2020. Together with Finnish governemental, non-governemental organisations as well as universities of applied sciences, civil society experts and enterprises we had an exceptional opportunity for networking and showcasing Finnish competencies and innovations for Humanitarian needs. Comrpendum was given an opprtunity to present our concept for a broad international audience at the speakers corner.


Jan 2020

Comprendum Oy celebrated its 3-years anniversary arranging an seminar for its expert partners network in Helsinki 

November 2019

Comprendum Oy CEO Gustav Öller visited UN Global Service Center in Brindisi, Italy. Following the 5th seminar on UN Partnership for Technology in Peacekeeping Finland has proposed, with Finnish Waterforum as leading entity a Finnish contribution to the UN PTP process in the field of eco-responisbility in peace operations. 


24 Sep 2019

Comprendum Oy ja Laurea ammattikorkeakoulu ovat solmineet yhteistyösopimuksen Tulevaisuuden polku -hankkeen toteuttamisessa.  Yrittäjyyslähtöisen hankkeen tavoitteena on vahvistaa turvapaikanhakijoiden ymmärrystä liiketoiminnan mahdollisuuksista Irakissa yhteistyössä suomalaisten yritysten kanssa. Tulevaisuuden polku on Euroopan unionin sisäasioiden, AMIF-rahastosta rahoitettu vuoden kestävä (1.8.2019 – 31.7.2020) pilottihanke. Comprendum Oy toteuttaa hankkeessa selvitystyön, jossa kartoitetaan Irakin markkinoiden kysyntään vastaavien suomalaisten pk-yritysten halukkuutta ja mahdollisuuksia aloittaa liiketoiminta Irakissa. Comprendum osallistuu  myös turvapaikanhakijoiden ja yrityksen välisen yhteistyömallin suunnitteluun, yritysten valintaan sekä  yritysten hankkeeseeen ja turvapaikanhakijoiden yrityksiin perehdyttämisiin  yhteistyössä Laurean ja Haaga-Helian asiantuntijoiden kanssa.


         Gustav Öller, Comprendum Oy (gustav.oller(at)

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28-31 May 2019

Comprendum CEO, Gustav Öller part of the Finnish delegation at the 5th UN Partnership for Technology in Peacekeeping seminar in Nur Sultan, Kazakstan. Exploring possibilities to better support UN Smart Camp and other initiatives with Finnish innovative techcnologies.

15 May 2019

Comprendum signed a co-operation agreement with Lahti University for Applied Sciences (LAMK). This cooperation starts with being member of the Rehome project steering group. Rehome projects aims to provide furniture solutions for primary needs in crisis, disasters and other urgent and temporary needs using fully recyclable materials.

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